Business Opportunity Selling your Second Hand Books

Are your books all well read and you are in need of a new reading challenge? Perhaps it is time to start looking for your books shopping online? But before you do perhaps you should try to sell your second hand books to cover the costs of your new book purchases? Perhaps you won't need to buy new books at all? There are many different ways you can shop for books and sell your second hand books.  First make sure that you get all the books together, detail the title and the author and perhaps a short description about the book itself. Don't forget all those technical books or old course books, these can also be sold. Shopping for new books can be expensive so there are many people who are happy to buy second hand books and if you have them for sale why not sell them!  When you are sorting through your books make sure they are in good condition. Selling books that are torn or have loose pages will be very difficult if not impossible and if you don't advise the buyers, especially with online purchasers, where they can not see the books before hand, you will find that you will have no end of problems. There will be books returned to you and you will be responsible for a lot of postage and handling charges and could in effect loose money so the old and tatty books that are un-repairable or not worth repairing should be discarded.
Try to group your books in to categories, and be aware that popular books will be much harder to sell for reasonable prices. The reason for this is that there will already be so many of them available online that your books if they are all popular titles will probably be ignored, unless of course you sell them for next to nothing. Again, with online sales be wary of the costs for delivery as you want to make sure that you earn more than it costs you to send the items.  If you start to sell your books and find that you are making reasonable income from doing so then perhaps you shouldn't stop there? There are other places you yourself could purchase books, especially category specific books which will sell for higher costs. Try garage sales, charity shops, libraries or gather books from your friends and family. When you have a store of books start your online campaign again and you may find you have a second career out of it all.  There are places online to sell your books like eBay or Amazon as well as many others. Most of these sites you can register for free or a very small amount, setting up your items for sale is generally a very simple process. Make sure that you are giving good descriptions of the books you are selling and again that they are in good condition. You will be rated in most of these online shopping facilities and the higher the rating from your customers the more likely that others will wish to purchase from you. If you have bad ratings due to selling inferior books then it is likely others will ignore your books even if the prices are lower than other offers.
So before you start shopping for books yourself, sell off the second hand books that you have. You may even find that some of the books you have you want to read again so be picky with what you sell and as stated above, you can always get more books from various different places at nice low costs and on sell these as well when you are finished with them. You can also check out your own local second hand book store, if you can find one, and perhaps trade your books to them. Usually this way there is less likely that you will profit but you will get what you wanted - a whole lot of new books to read.  Michiel Van Kets publishes articles for Abso-bloody-Lutely, a general web directory. The publications cover topics like shopping and books. He also runs a successful directory submission and link building SEO business from Phuket, which is obviously why he started a directory himself; to learn the other side of the concept.

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