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An online bookstore is a website or bookstore that sells all kinds of books. The great thing about these bookstores is that they index books based on various factors. Unlike a brick and mortar store where the books are generally placed on the basis of genre, an online bookstore can tag and index books on the basis of genre, author, alphabets, age group, publisher and more. This makes it extremely easy for online users or customers looking for a specific book to find it.

 If you are looking for the largest online bookstore, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to ensure that you do, in fact, find one of the largest online bookstores. Firstly, any website that boasts that it is the largest online bookstore is most likely going to be a sham, not only does a credible website need not boast, but you should be able to tell right away if a bookstore website is going worth your time. has the honored distinction of being the best online bookstore we have yet reviewed. The website is easy to use, their customer support is superb and their returns policy is excellent.
Additionally, the website accepts some of the widest variety of payment options of all sites we reviewed and their shipping options are equally versatile. The company even goes beyond the standard selection of books, music and movies and sells an unsurpassed selection of products including home items, apparel, groceries, health products, toys, jewelry and tools.

 These days, online bookstores are expected to offer more than just a place to purchase your favorite literary titles and certainly meets and exceeds the needs of the average shopper. The result is a bookstore that also fulfills any of your entertainment needs and many of these sites often extend beyond this purpose and even cater to your home, garden, workplace and other needs.

Ultimately though, product selection is only one of many important aspects of a quality online bookstore. Excellent product selection means nothing if the site is too difficult to navigate or the customer service is ghastly. That is why we also looked at other aspects that make up a good bookseller website, including the functionality of their website, such as advanced search features, browsing options, wish list tools, sales, customer reviews and a store locator.

We also looked at their payment and shipping options, particularly to see if the site offered any promotional codes or free shipping deals. Perhaps the two most important, but often overlooked aspects of any online retailer though are their customer support tools and their returns policies. We took a detailed look at both of these factors so customers can feel confident about the bookstore they choose to order from.

Top 5 Osho Books Review

More than 600 books are attributed to the controversial spiritual leader Osho. This article reviews 5 of the most popular Osho books.1. The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within The Book of Secrets was published after his death in 1990 is a compendium of his lectures and follow-up question and answer periods. The reader will enjoy the casual and conversational style of the book and it makes for an easy read.This is one of the longest Osho books with more than 1,100 pages. Osho gives us a comprehensive and practical guide to learning how to meditate. He believed that without meditation we can never discover the deep secrets of life but merely its surface.The meditation techniques are based on ancient texts that have been translated to contemporary understanding. Each of the 112 meditations are described in detail and explained how best to put them to use in our everyday modern lives.Whether you have a particular faith you follow or not you will derive great benefits through meditation. And you needn't go to a temple to practice it-any quiet place will do. Your mind and body is temple enough along with the willingness and courage to experiment with something new.2. Tantra: The Supreme Understanding Of the more than 600 Osho books, Tantra is his all time best seller. For more than 1,000 years the writings of Tilopa, the 11th century Indian master of Tantra have lived on. Tilopa passed on his mystical insights to his student, Naropa, in the form of his Song of Mahamudra.Osho, in his humorous, beautiful yet powerful way, teaches Tantra through Tilopa's song piece by piece, showing how Tantric meditation techniques and mystical insights apply to our lives today.3. EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear Life is nothing if not emotional, and not understanding our emotions and how to deal with them effectively lies at the core of many of our problems. And these problems not only affect our physical, mental and sexual health but also our energy levels, sleep pattern and relationships with our loved ones.In Emotions, Osho gives us a guide that is both practical and comprehensive that helps to master our emotions by watching and learning from them when they arise. And once we learn this our emotions no longer have the power to provoke us.4. Love, Freedom, A loneness: The Koan of RelationshipsIf you are truly seeking something different from the same old worn out advice on relationships, then this is just the book for you. Love, Freedom and A loneness was also published after his death from his teachings.In it we find, that only by learning to live by ourselves and with ourselves first, can we cultivate real freedom in our lives; and this freedom allows us to find love and happiness with someone else. The book is a free flowing dialogue on how to balance lifestyle, love and meditation- not a 12 step formula.5. Being in Love: How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear In this book Osho challenges us to question what we think we know about love and opens us up the idea that love, instead of consisting of jealousy and possessiveness, is natural and fulfilling.He dares us to resist the patterns we've learned from culture and those around us that are unhealthy, and rediscover being love and loving without expectation. From an early time we've been so filled with rubbish about what love is that by the time we are ready to explore the world of love there is not much hope we can tell the difference between what is real and what is false.Osho asks us to explore new ways to love that will forever change our relationships by answering the questions that so many lovers face including how to:• Become a life partner with whom someone• Be fully present in your relationships• Love without clinging• Free yourself from the fear of being alone• Let go of expectations, rules, and demands• Keep your love fresh and alive• Surrender your ego so you can surrender to love These 5 Osho books go far beyond the understanding of conventional psychology and bring unique insight to the workings of the mind, heart and essence of being.

Two Great Books for Drivers

If you work as a driver, you may have tried audio books to listen to the latest best sellers, but find the stress of today's modern roads too difficult to maintain a full understanding of what's going on. Your concentration can drift away from the story while you think of filling the haulage work stretching ahead of you.But while that may be so, once you've finished for the day, there's no better way of winding down and relaxing than by firing up your Kindle or picking up a paperback and settling down to some escapism after stressful haulage work. Here are two books every driver should read, for the best and worst of reasons.Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred Uhry Even if you've seen the film, there's an ever better reason to read this book. A film only represents a sixth of what goes into a book, by pure length alone. That means you've five-sixths more to learn and build into your mind's version of the film! And let's face it - it was a great film. The book centers on the relationship between a Jewish woman living in Atlanta and her driver, a black African American. The book shows the steady growth of their connection as friends, over a 25 year period. The modern day reader could hardly imagine there would be a problem between the boss and the driver, but back in the 1950's the world was a different place and while race relations are still difficult in many parts of the world, in this respect, Atlanta is unrecognisable from 50 years ago.The advantage of reading this book is the way in which the two main parties to the discussion take small steps and learn about each other as the years go by. In a film you have only 90 minutes to see any changes in character development. With a book, you are seeing the film in your mind so you make the changes on behalf of the characters.Where this book really wins, however, is how it shows the people around the two central characters and how they have to change their ways to match their friends and family. Makes you wonder about your own behavior on the road when doing haulage work - how do you behave to those who get in your way?Fear of Driving by Daniella Brodsky This is a strange but compelling tale about human relationships and personal life journeys.Her mother used to take Ruby everywhere, regularly, by any means of transport. Either driving an eighteen wheeler without any haulage work] or a beaten up old car, her mother traveled all over the country looking for love - which was no-where to be found. Obviously scarred by her nomadic and bizarre lifestyle, Ruby finally settled in New York where she didn't need a vehicle to get her around, and this helped ease her phobia of driving. Unfortunately, she meets a man who lives the other side of the country and the only way to get there is - you guessed it - by a long road car trip. You will really get to know and understand Ruby as you read this wonderful book. Even a seasoned cynic will be able to relate to her problems and sacrifices.   

The Madinah Arabic islamic books

The Madinah Arabic Reader by Professor Abdur Rahim sets out the teaching of Arabic in a unique manner. The books are a set of eight books published by Goodword Islamic Books. This Islamic book store has published these books with glossy covers which would increase children' interest in exploring what lies within their covers.  These books contain various exercises such as filling in the blanks, making questions with answers, reading and writing.  These texts are a collection of eight volume texts which enable children to acquire a knowledge of Arabic. All the books use applied grammar to teach essential language skills. Each lesson is based on a conversation which highlights language patterns. A variety of exercises helps children to understand and master each of the patterns occurring in the lesson. The vocabulary ranges from classical and Qur'an Arabic to words and expressions current in modern Arabic. This series of books is currently being made use of for preparing students for the University of London (UK) GCE O-level and A-level examinations.

The books use different colored text which enables faster remembering of words. Color contrast in text acts as a useful remembering tool. There are also child friendly pictures that will increase children' interest. Opposite pages are also in different colors which helps relieve dullness of printed matter.  Each lesson also has points to remember which are in the form of a summing up of the main points taught in the lesson.  Reading exercises are not confined to standard ones but also involve vocal lessons which would help in practicing the pronunciation of words. This is as important as knowing new words while learning a new language.  The exercises made use of, aim at increasing grammar skills such as by the use of demonstrative pronouns, use of plural and use of new words.  Grammar teaching is thus prevented from becoming repetitive and boring. Variety is introduced to increase children's interest and also make the teaching process an active one, involving interaction between children and teachers.

Children are also taught to read and examine thereby combining learning skills to create a new experience.  The inner cover of the book contains pictures of other books published by this Islamic book store.  For more information please visit our website:  Learn Islam-Through Woman Islamic Books  Goodword Islamic Books  For more information about other Islamic Book visit Islamic Books Store